Storing correct track length

I have a music radio program, and I use Audacity to edit my music tracks. The radio station where I work uses the BSI Simian Pro automation program. However, the track length that shows on the screen is inaccurate from the actual length of the music track. How do I correctly record the proper track length of the songs I edit?

I assume they are MP3s? Variable bitrate MP3s can sometimes confuse the software.

It’s been awhle since I’ve seen that problem and I think the current LAME MP3 encoder takes care of it, but maybe there’s an issue with the player software.

Using constant bitrate should help.

Or if you are on Windows there is a little tool called VBRFix that can fix the header data. It doesn’t have to be “installed”. Just download and unzip it and run VbrfixGui.exe.

It’s going to directly modify your MP3 so make backup. (I never actually had a problem with it messing-up a file.)

Or maybe use a different format? As you may know, FLAC is lossless compression. The files are about half the size of WAV (but larger than MP3) and tagging/metadata is better-supported than WAV.

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