Storing a recording onto HD

I’m recording some songs on cassettes and am burning them to a CD. When I use the Export Multiple and store them on an HD, the recordings are stored alphabetically if I have given them titles. Is there any way to store them in the order they were recorded and not alphabetically? I can do it by assigning numbers instead of names but I want to do that using names. Also, I get listings of songs that are blank and have maybe only 40-100 bytes. I’m not missing songs, I just have extra listings.


Audacity will export music selections with a Label at the beginning of each one on the timeline. How sure are you that there aren’t two labels right on top of each other? You wouldn’t be able to see them on the timeline.


The old MetaData problem. Music CDs don’t support song titles, so the titles will only get as far as the burning program even if you do carefully type them in. Most CD Authoring Programs will let you arrange the song order any way you want, If you didn’t let Audacity do its numbering trick, then the computer file step in the middle will always try to manage however you told it to, normally alphabetically.


I do this by assigning my track labels thus: 01 <track_name_1>, 02 <track_name_2> etc.

This then leaves them in the right order for a CD burn - and when I import the WAVs into iTunes (for conversion into AAC) then I just use the iTunes tag editor to remove the 01, 02 etc. from the song titles and add back the appropriate track number in the appropriate field.


<<<I do this by assigning my track labels thus: 01 <track_name_1>, 02 <track_name_2> etc.>>>

Excellent idea.

Please note that Waxy’s doing this so the song titles arrive correctly on his iPod, not the Music CD.


Actually Waxy’s doing this for a number of reasons:

  1. as Koz rightly says to get the correct order on my iTunes/iPod(s)

  2. And to get the correct order on CD’s - as I also burn CDs. In fact for a transcribed LP I often burn the CD and then rip it into iTunes. That way I am often lucky in that the Gracenote CDDB database “recognizes” the CD and provides all the nice metatdata with no further input from me. :slight_smile:

  3. Also to keep the WAV files in the right order in my backup archive storage (on two separate external USB drives). Organized in folders by genre / by artist / by album - thay way I can find them again at a later date when I may need them.


First, How do I let Audacity do the “Numbering Trick”? Secondly, when I use a numbering system such as 1, 2 3, etc. It works OK except its not really correct. For example 11 comes before 2. So I label and then select the songs for burning according to the cassette. This is slow but accurate. I can also start the numbering at 100 and this works but I will try starting at 01.


Yes this is exactly why I label the tracks 01 … 02… 03… etc. - this retains the ordering correctly (it’s just down to the computer’s sorting algorithm). Aside: You get the same problem if you try to label filenames with dates so you can sort by date order on the filename - canny users label files like: 20090429 <file_name> to label a file with today’s date 29Apr09 so that sorting/ordering is facilitated.

If I had a project with more than 99 tracks (unlikely) then I would label 001… 002… 003… etc.

The Audacity “numbering trick” that Koz refers too can be set on the Export dialog box where you can select to label the exported files with either consecutive numbers - or with the track labels you have created - but not both (hence my creation of the numbering within my tracknames).