Stops when I am not speaking and want a pause

I am have trouble again when I am recording and want a pause in my recording, If I stop speaking the recording stops and there is no pause and there is loss of the beginning of the word when I start again. I thought this was dropouts but I see see no no sign of dropout detection which is on. I see that drop outs can berelated to buffering but don’t know how to change (tweke) this

Turn off “Sound Activated Recording” (in “Transport menu > Transport options”).

I think it was off… at least there was no checkmark, I tried removing the files you mentioned in your post and now when I try to record a mono track, two stereo tracks appear along with my mono track and all recording happens in the top of the stereo tracks

I see onthe side bar a reference to El Capitan… I have Mojave

a reference to El Capitan… I have Mojave

It says El Capitan or later. Mojave is later.