Stops recording after 2 minutes

Hi Guys,

I’m running version 2.0.3, on widnows 8.
I’ve checked the temp file and i have 606.6gb of free space, but the recording stops at 2 mins. Everytime i’ve tried to record it gets to the 2 min point and stops.
Any ideas?

Please check you don’t have a selection in another track extending from zero to 2 minutes.

If so, click in that track then press the mauve |<< button or press HOME on your keyboard. That puts the cursor at time zero and new recordings will start from there.

Make sure Transport > Sound Activated Recording (on/off) is off (not checked).


Hi, I’ve checked and there is no selection, all new recordings are at 0 but still only reaches 2 mins. and sound activated recording is off.
Is there anything else it could be?


We’re just scraping the barrel now for ideas. Is there any error message when the recording stops? Do you mean the red Record button is still depressed, but the red recording cursor stops moving?

Might you have unchecked “Update display when playing” in the Tracks Preferences? If so the recording is carrying on past the current screen and you will have to drag the horizontal scrollbar to see it.

What exactly are you recording, and exactly what device are you using to do that? If it is a USB device, make sure the device is plugged into a spare USB port and not into a USB hub that has other devices attached to it.

Also try rebooting Windows.