Stopping Audacity to open on bootup.

How do I stop Audacity from opening up when I turn my computer on?


Probably start by telling us what kind of computer you have.

Then go on to the system number (Windows 7) and which Audacity using all three numbers.


I’m using a Mac computer v.10.9.5 and I’m using Audacity v. 2.0.6

Ignore the commercials they sprinkle through the panel. Do Not download Cleaner or Roxio.


I looked in Users Group in Preferences and Audacity is not listed there.
So why is it still opening when I boot up?

I just figured it out.
I had the Audacity icon on my Dock. I just removed it and it doesn’t open on boot up now.

There’s still something wrong. Having Audacity on your dock is not supposed to cause it to open when you start your Mac. Do the rest of your dock applications open on startup? I seem to recall a setting somewhere that can do that.

Can you do a screen grab (Command-4) and drag a box around the application list in your System Preferences such as attached?

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 21.32.35.png

There are other ways to get auto-open stuck on your Mac.

Do you routinely have other applications open when you start? This turns out to be an obscure business setting where workers may want the Microsoft Office tools to open every time they start — no question.


I clicked on the link you posted and MacJac suggested unchecking the box on Restart that opens apps on boot up.
I unchecked the box and put Audacity back on my Dock. I restarted my Mac and Audacity did not open and I tried it again and again it did not open.
So, for me, since I keep my computer on all the time and only shut down about every two weeks, this will work.
Do you think I should pursue this further in case there is something going on in my Mac?
Thanks for you help.

I think what you have now is normal. I don’t know anybody that uses the auto launch feature. Do you have any idea how it got selected? Koz

No I don’t.