stopped working

Hi. We were using the “Super USB Cassette Capture” box for a few weeks and it stopped working yesterday. The wheels do not spin (for any button). We know that the tapes are OK. The laptop runs Vista. The “help” version shows 2.0.6. This was installed using a little disc that came with the unit. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

As you may be aware, Audacity only makes software, not hardware.

If the USB cassette player is broken, please take it back where you got it from, using the return instructions accompanying the player.


Gale: Thanks for responding. Yes, I know that Audacity is the software. I was hoping that there’d be a connection between the software and the unit, or that someone on the forum might have experienced the same problem (grasping at anything we can find!). The unit is several years old so returning it isn’t an option.

As I said, Audacity does not make USB cassette converters or any other hardware so we are not responsible for your problem.

If you have had several years of use out of a USB cassette converter, you have actually done very well. :wink: . If there is a capstan wheel that is required to touch a spindle to make the tape move, see if there is some obstruction there such as dust, or check for dust at the bottom of the buttons.

Otherwise, buy another converter, but keep the working USB cable before throwing the old converter away.


I wish I had been using it for several years. It sat unused after I tried it (1-2 years ago?) and now has gotten a lot of use in the last few weeks. No luck after dusting/cleaning what I could see. Thanks.

If you have not done so yet, please check that the power from batteries or mains is working.