Stopped recording internally.

Hi all
I use Renoise for production, then record to Audacity, with no problems. Yesterday I introduced a microphone to my set up and a usb hub and all of a sudden I cannot record internally any more. No matter what settings i try, it either records absolutely nothing, or it will record only the new microphone. Sorry if this a nooby question, it is just baffling me. I am not the most computer literate person hah.
Many thanks.

I’ve even removed everything that I introduced yesterday and it still has the same problem. Just will not record anything playing from the PC.
I’m using v. 2.3.3 btw

Select the required recording device in the “Device Toolbar”:
The “host” should be set to “MME”.

Hi Steve , thanks for the response. I have tried every combination on the device toolbar (i think) and still can’t get it to record what the pc is playing. It was all working yesterday, The only thing that records now is the microphone. Sorry if I’ being a total noob.

Hi again, Steve. So, if I’m wanting to record my song playing on Renoise for example, what recording device should I have it set to? Thanks again.

That may not be possible without additional software because Renoise uses ASIO, and ASIO grabs exclusive control of the audio hardware.

If you are using your computer’s sound card with ASIO, that will explain why it is not available to Audacity.

As Renoise is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), you should be able to “bounce” tracks and not need to record in an external application such as Audacity.

Hi Steve

I’m not sure any of that is the problem. (unless I’m misssing something) but Like I said it was all working fine yesterday and also working fine for the past 6 months that I’ve been using it to record my tracks from Renosie. The bounce/export feature not an option for me as I’m using demo version. I think I must have inadvertently changed a setting somewhere and can’t figure out how to get it back!

Thanks again