stop failed to stop recording

I suspect this is a win8.1 problem.
There was a message on screen about updating something when I wanted to stop the recording I was making.
But the stop would not stop at all!

Not sure what happened but it is suspicious so I suspect the popup message did it somehow.
Although the wireless mouse may be interacting with it too as it stops after several minutes to conserve battery and you have to restsart the mouse by pushing down on the scroll wheel.

Is there any way to stop all the win stuff from interfering with the audio?
I got most of the useless programs deleted or at least dormant but there still are pop up messages at times.

Or if there is some other issue please let me know what it could be.

Worth manually updating Windows on a regular basis, and schedule automatic updates for a time when you won’t be using the computer (remember that the computer can’t update if it is powered off, which is why I recommend regular manual updates).
Similarly with your anti-virus application and anything else that automatically updates.



Not connected to the net.
But win will butt in saying there are updates do i want to apply them.
And mbam will ask me if i want to install a new version or look for updates.

I guess I could kill mbam when not connected to the net.
Not sure how to make windoze stop bugging me.
I have automatic updates turned off.