Stop between tracks

Not sure where to place this in the forum. I need to create a complete stop between tracks; is this possible using Audacity? I am doing a live performance using some pre-recorded music and need to work cue to cue. I’m trying not to resort to the “outdated” mini disk format.

You haven’t posted on the best section of the forum…

You can go to Generate menu and click on Silence… is that what you were looking for?

or you can add a label track with labels

Thanks. I will try it. I really need for there to be complete stops between tracks.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am hoping to be able to create complete stops between tracks.

Could you just use “Pause”? (either click the Pause button, or press the “P” key)
To “un-pause”, press the P key again, or click the Pause button.

Yes, I may resort to that option since, at this point, I just want to get the tracks exported to Ipod and get things rolling.

In which case see: