Still Will not import a file

I am new to Audacity, I have installed lame and the ffmpeg import/export library and when I want to import the song it still says Audacity still does not recognize the format. Please help. Thanks.

If FFmpeg is installed correctly into Audacity, it covers these formats …

If your file format is not on that list, a workaround would be convert the file into something Audacity can recognize.

What’s the format and where did the file come from?

Did you download and run Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe from

Fmpeg can open almost anything, but It’s kind-of hard to know if you’ve got a problem with your FFmpeg installation, or if there’s something odd about the file.

FYI - LAME isn’t for importing. It’s only for exporting to MP3.

I know ffmpeg is on my computer, how do I load it into Audacity?

I know ffmpeg is on my computer, how do I load it into Audacity?

Edit → Preferences > Libraries → Locate

But, you may need the “Audacity version” of FFmpeg. Running the EXE installer has always worked for me, installing it to the correct directory and automatically making it available to Audacity.

If Audacity 2.1.3 is installed, and FFmpeg is installed in accordance with the instructions in the manual (, then Audacity should find FFmpeg automatically.
Manually locating FFmpeg is only required if you have a custom (non-standard) installation of FFmpeg, which is not recommended unless you are an expert.