still only showing one track

running windows 8.1 64 bit pro. windows Media player 2014. Audacity 2.05. created track labels. exported multiple, medatdata editor came up showed times filled in all windows exported/dragged to media player. shows multiple files with recording times file numbers 1-10, all wav files. exported to cd still only shows one large track. using cd-r only!! windows media player burn settings WPL and use media to information to arrange files in folders on disk. Cd player Sony C701ES any suggestions thank you. does play all songs just can not advance select songs.

I think you missed the step where you select an Audio CD for management and burning. Exactly those words.

Audio CDs do not have folders. Data CDs do. Data CDs work like shiny, flat hard drives. You can put any kind of file on there you want up to the capacity of the disk. You can put on folders and sub-directories, too, but even if you put music files on there, it will not play in your mum’s car CD player.

Somewhere in the process, you got to choose between the different types of CD to burn and Audio CD should be one of those choices.

Only the Audio CD program lets you select the spacing between songs. That’s how you know you’re in the right place.


I burn it as an audio cd in windows media player 2014, that’s the only viable choice. Still only showing one track on my cd players window track screen. All tracks have better than a 2 second gap. Tried burning with out gaps then with gaps still only showing one large 53 minute file. Do I need to adjust recording levels so it does not go down to -36db, could that be the problem. Cassettes are noisy even with Dolby so the really do not have a zero input gap. Insure labels started and stop with at least a 2 second gap. My cd player excepts WAV files music is there plays perfectly just ends up showing it as one large file. Windows media player 2014 rip settings only allow windows media player selection no wav pro ect. any more ideas would be appreciated.

Put the CD you burned in your computer and look at it in Explorer. How you many cda tracks (44 bytes) do you see?