Still determined to figure this out

I had a few posts asking about how to export more than 8 channels without the file corrupting but still no valid answers, if anyone out there knows how to export more than 8 channels without the file corrupting let me know and how you do it Thanks

Misc info:
Using latest 3.0.2 Audacity version
Advanced mixing on
Using wired headphones only, windows sonic is activated
Running windows 10

Different formats support different numbers of channels. WAV supports up to 32 channels whereas MP3 only supports mono or stereo.

Why do you think it’s “corrupt”? Can you re-open the file in Audacity? Can you see all of the channels?

…Last time you were having problems PLAYING a file with more than 8 channels on a 7.1 channel soundcard.

Right yes audacity recognizes it, of course, as for other DAW’S Like FL- no, The only way i can export and listen to anything more than 8 channels is if i export as WAVEX And play it with VLC, But even then vlc says the file is missing, but it does play in that circumstance.

For proof- when i try to play it on a normal player i get “Cant play” and error code 0x80004001
Also again, im speaking for my friend too, he has the same problem

Do the files just work for you if you export more than 8 channels? And what is your process so maybe i can follow your steps.

Lastly headphones are utilized to have more than 2 channels play at the same time so this shouldnt be an issue with my system, my drivers are updated

Yes, but I don’t have any app other than Audacity that supports more than 8 channels.