Still cant resolve poor audio problem

Hi All i still cant get to the bottom of this poor audio problem, i am using latest version and windows 10, it was same with windows 8 and 8.1, the sound the comes in from the external source is as clear as a bell, but when i record it and play it back its dull and hollow, i have tried all the alternative inputs, i suspect it might be something to do with the default settings, the CD quality and Frequency etc, does any one know about changing the settings or what they out to be on for putting music onto a cd, i am well aware of all the copyright stuff so please do tell me about that…the basis is the quailty coming in is about 50% better than what is recorded…from Fred in Essex UK.
Thank you. PS i don’t get an fault error, it records ok from that point of view.

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What is the “external source” and how does it “come in”? How are you listening when you hear it “as clear as a bell”?

I assume Fred is still recording audio off the internet.

Fred, if you have not yet done so, I think you will have to address the problem of audio drivers for this computer, or use Windows WASAPI loopback instead of stereo mix. See

You can go to HP’s site and check if your machine has audio drivers meant for Windows 10. See Finding Your HP Product Model Number.


Hi Gale i have tried all the alternative inputs they all come out the same, i think i sent you a sample some time ago, didn’t mean to shout, i sent it bigger so i could read it myself, these glasses are not as good as they used to be…can you tell me where the quality setting ought to be if not on default, maybe if i changed it to best quality and changed the freq setting from 44000 khz or what ever that would do it, but it sounds like your saying you think its driver problem on windows 10, was same on 8, was ok with XP, i dont really know…from Fred in UK.

PS the input is from BBC I player or anything else coming in, its good quality coming in, but dull and hollow after recording it, its actually sound better on Microphone setting than the other inputs, but thats not really the answer, to much external noises, i am lisstening to the sounds on the HP Pavilion g6 Laptom on the internal speakers…shouldt make any difference, some other people must be having the same trouble i cant believe i’m the only person…Fred.

Check bottom left of Audacity that project rate is 44100 Hz.

You never did attach any files.

You will have to go to and either enter your exact HP model number or use the option for HP to detect it. If your computer model is old, HP may simply not provide Windows 10 drivers for it.

If so, the answer would be to buy a USB sound card that supports Windows 10. The card does not need to offer stereo mix because you can use Audacity’s Windows WASAPI (loopback) from the USB sound card to record its playback.


Ok Thanks, i think it might be a driver problem i will look into it…cheers from Fred/