Sticky meta tags?

I have over 100 MP3 files. I import them into Audacity, & if effects are needed, they get exported to flac, with the existing tag in place.

If I drag 1 file into v3.4.2, edit, export, then remove track & import the next file, that’s what happens.

But if I try to save some time by dragging several at a time, editing those then removing their tracks, the next batch will get stuck w/ the tag of one from the previous batch. I’ve found no way to get Audacity to cough up the current file’s tag.

Only solution is to remove all the tracks, import just one which then shows it’s correct tag.

This isn’t always the case. I think it has something to do whether a files needed exporting or just gets it’s track removed, or perhaps something else for making Audacity keep a previous tag in memory.

I know flac has limitations w/ tags, but this isn’t relevant in this case. No changes to the tags are made.

Anyone have any ideas…much thanks.