Steve Harris' VyNil

Hi! I re-installed Linux Mint a little while ago, and didn’t back up my Audacity plug ins. I’ve only ever downloaded Nyquist plug ins before, and I remember I had one called VyNil that I downloaded from this forum. I’ve been looking for it all day and I still can’t find it! Every link I click leads me to this website:
That’s a start, but I don’t know where to go from there. I clicked the link towards the top of the page, which leads me here:
At some point I ended up finding the source code?
But I still have no idea what to do with that. I feel like an 80s one hit wonder who can’t figure out how to do it again. :confused: And the fact that it’s now in LADSPA rather than Nyquist is super confusing. Can anyone offer some simple advice?

That would be the correct link as far as I know. I don’t know a Nyquist vinyl distortion effect except Nyquist Turntable Warping.

There is iZotope Vinyl but you can’t use that in the Linux version of Audacity.

You either have to compile the complete swh LADSPA source code using the instructions in the included README, or look in the Linux Mint software repository to see if the swh LADPSA package is downloadable ready-compiled.

Have you tried Linux Mint - Community?

The package or the plugins compiled from source should be installed in /usr/lib/ladspa (the package will probably install there automatically). Restart Audacity and all 100 or so swh plugins should be found in the Audacity Effect menu.

If vynil is all you want, you can delete all the swh plugins from /usr/lib/ladspa except the SO file for vynil. You will need root permissions to make that deletion, obviously.


It’s available in the Mint repository in the “swh-plugins” package. Use your package manager (for example “Synaptic package manager”) to install “swh-plugins”.

Thanks everyone! I think I’ll be able to figure everything out from here on. :slight_smile: