Steve - Can we revisit Left Right channel swap again?

I read from senior member “Steve” some interesting answers to a inquiry years ago about someone experiencing a Left Right channel swap on import.
I am just starting to experience this on a Windows machine and wonder if it is a CD-R/W error, or bug that developed. It is not constant, the swapping of channels is random. Honestly I signed onto this forum as a search brought me here. I am using Wavelab to import, but in my 14+ years of using it (and many other DAW’s), I have never experienced this. Any thoughts would be helpful. Please feel free to email directly if you prefer to keep this forum “clean” from outside inquiries.

Audacity does not import CD’s so are you talking about import of a file ripped from a CD? If so what format is that ripped file? What CD ripper are you using?

What device are you using for playback (make and model number)? Are you using headphones? Is there a cable loose somewhere?

You are correct we will only offer help with Audacity, not with Wavelab.

Does the problem occur in Audacity 2.1.0 from here: If the channels are visibly reversed in the file as you have it, then in Audacity, use the Audio Track Dropdown Menu to Swap Stereo Channels.