Stero recording - Left and right channels

I’m an Audacity newbie.

  1. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium.
  2. I downloaded Audacity yesterday so I assume I downloaded the latest version.
  3. I followed the instructions for recording with USB Turntables.
  4. When I record or playback, the right channel in the metering toolbox jumps around, but not the left. I assume that means only the right channel is recording. Is that correct?

What do I need to do to record both channels?

Thank you for your help.


Considering your previous post I don’t think that is a safe assumption.

You need to resolve that first issue before you do anything else.

I checked HELP, About Audacity, and the version shows 2.0.2.


Try this

and when you have both channels, check this .


Thanks, Gale. I will give it a try, although yesterday I checked all the Audacity instructions twice. Maybe it is the cartridge or USB cable. I will let you know.

Have a nice day.