Stereomix help (Windows 8.1)

Hi guys,

I know that there are many topics regarding this issue, but I simply cant find the answer.

So as you can see on picture number 1, The music is playing via my monitor through HDMI.

And on picture 2 you can see that Stereomix isnt picking up anything. I have been into the settings, asking Stereomix to “listen” to my monitor sound, but it doesnt work. Ive tried to remove drivers, install other drivers, etc, without luck.

Only way that Stereomix is picking up any sounds, if is I add one of the other “Realtek” devices as “default playback unit”. Problem is, then I havent got any sound, as I have no speakers connected via other outputs than HDMI.

Please help! Im lost here, and Ive tried everything!

Best regards

Your HDMI driver may not support it. And, Windows will block recording if you are trying to record from a copy-protected DVD or Blu-Ray.

Try WASAPI with Loopback as described on [u]this page[/u].

Try [u]Total Recorder[/u] ($18 and up).

Try [u]VB Cable[/u] (FREE).

Try [u]Virtual Audio Cable[/u] ($25 USD and up).

ASUS is a different device to Realtek and the Logitech headset is a different device.

Realtek can only record audio playing through Realtek. Setting ASUS to listen to Stereo Mix won’t help because there is no input on stereo mix - you want to send the sound the other way - from ASUS to stereo mix.

Have you tried in Device Toolbar:

Host: Windows WASPI
Output: ASUS
Input: ASUS (loopback)

Do the monitors have a headphones out that do not disconnect the monitors?