Stereo Vinyl Recording Problems

I have a USB turntable plugged into my computer with your software installed and I have been recording records, mostly mono but some stereo ones. I can’t hear half of the voices in the recordings as they are very faint and hardly audible. I am very new at this and have already recorded many songs but didn’t notice the problem until I made them into cds and listened to it. I am discouraged and have read the entire manual and don’t know what to do. Do you have any advice for me? Also, does it matter if you record mono records with the setting on “stereo” or vice versa?

You missed a few important pieces of information… What operating system and audacity version? Brand and model of the usb turntable might help too. I’m assuming you’re connecting it to the computer using the usb cable. Have you selected the USB device as the recording device?

There’s also this two links on the wiki:

Thanks for asking. I am brand new at this and was wondering when I will hear anything about my problem. I have Audacity version 1.2 and the turntable is a crosley turntable and I think I have the usb chosen, since I have been recording and it has been working just fine. The only problem is that I am using a laptop and by the way, I am using Vista operating system, and so when I try to listen to what I just recorded, the volume is low and so it was impossible to tell I had a problem until I made cds and that is when I heard some parts (vocal) and the others were barely audible.

Audacity 1.2 is old, no longer being developed and has issues with Vista and most modern operating systems.

Audacity 1.3.12 is the recommended version for Vista. You can get it from here:

Hello Again. I did what you told me and downloaded the 1.3.12 version and tried making a cd of the same recording and it didn’t work. I have a crosley turntable which is connected by a usb cable to the computer, which is a laptop. On the preferences settings, I selected (I think it is the default) “Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output” and the recording device (default) is “Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input” I looked at the other options for recording just now (after making the cd last night and the only other options said "microophone (2 - usb audio CODEC) and I thought since I was using a usb and not a microphone, it wouldn’t be the right setting. I selected also on channels (2 (stereo). Can you help me further? I will try again recording it with the recording device as the microphone (I think I tried it but I will again).

Hello Again, I tried setting the recording device to "microphone (2 - usb audio CODEC) and the only thing I could choose for channels was (1 Mono) and when I recorded the song, there was nothing in the wave window but I saved it anyway and when I tried to play it, the same thing happened. The vocal part was so quiet it was almost nonexistent in the background of the instrumentals and choral background which was louder. Now what?

Hello for the third time. I tried the other recording device option “Microphone (Sigma Tel High Defin)” and it had as an option on the channels "“2 (stereo)” so I made a recording and cd of this. I could hear the main vocal part much better now but it was still lower in volume from the background vocals and instrumentals but this was the best option so far. Maybe that’s the best I can do. Any other options?

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You may find this set of tutorials from the manual useful:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD

especially this one: