Stereo turns out as Monaural on audio CD

After exporting and saving stereo music(L & R) to record on a CD and using the 44100 project rate plus the sample format of 16- bit PCM, no matter which burning software I use it always comes out as monaural. (right channel) What am I doing wrong?

Let’s take a shortcut. Create a stereo show in Audacity and export it like you have been doing. You can use my 39 second “LeftRight” sound clip.

“This is my voice on the left…”

Now play it in Windows Media; don’t make a CD.

Still in stereo?


Works perfect on your test audio but will not transfer to CD that way. Still working on a solution. Thanks

How many different ways are you playing the CD? Does it work in your car? Your mum’s computer? Stand-alone CD/DVD/BlueRay player?


Stand alone stereo CD player. I thank you for your help but I’ve pretty much given up on this project after using (testing) and having to throw away about 12 CD-R disks.

Try a pre-recorded CD you bought in the shops in the player, or rip the CD you burned to WAV and import the WAV into Audacity. That should tell you where the problem is.