Stereo to Mono

I plan to use some sound effects as part of my voice projects. The one’s I’ve found are stereo. Is there a way to convert them to mono so as to integrate in my monural projects?

Bob H

Tracks → Stereo To Mono.

It’s THAT easy…don’t think I can handle that. Somedays you just need a kick in the rear to get started

Thank you

Bob H

Actually, if I may ask a follow-up question on this topic? I am using Audacity 2.0.5.

I import stereo segments (one microphone in each channel) and in order to edit noise out of one side or the other I use Split Stereo to Mono on the left of each track, select the noisy part, go to Effect/Noise Removal and get rid of it. Then I switch that track back to stereo if I need to remove a section of the conversation altogether. So I go back and forth stereo to mono and vice versa, as needed. But there is another way to go mono in Audacity, the other is in the menu Tracks/Stereo Tracks to Mono. I can tell they don’t work the same way, but I don’t understand the difference very well.

So what’s the best workflow for someone who wants the end product to be mono (a podcast in my case)?
Should I make each track mono first on the left, then use the menu Tracks/Stereo Tracks to Mono, then export to WAVE? Is that the correct way to proceed?


Normally we prefer “follow up questions” to be as a separate topic. It makes it easier for us to keep track of what the question is about, and it is easier for people that are searching the forum looking for answers.

In this case I think we can keep it brief.

What that does is to “mix” the left and right channels into a single mono channel. Once the channels have been mixed you cannot “un-mix” them.

This is in part a matter of personal preference.
I would convert any stereo tracks to mono right from the start, then it only needs to be done once.
In most cases I would use “Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono”, but occasionally (depending on the stereo track) that can sound strange, in which case I may split the stereo track to two mono tracks (Track Drop-down menu) and delete one of the tracks.