I have made a recording from a desk onto a computer and have two main problems. The recordinig is only coming out of the L/Speaker and I have computer interference from the R/Speaker. [This is as a result of the desk].
What I am simply trying to do is have the L/Channel recording only with the R/Channel muted, and then this signal converted into a mono to have the one single feed out of both speakers. Thus getting rid of the R/Channel Interference.

Is there anything that can do this?

Thanks, Paul R

Split the stereo timeline. Select the (formerly) Right and delete it. Select the Left and Duplicate Track. Convert back to Stereo.

All these tools change – a lot – depending on which Audacity you have and which computer. The down side of posting on a generic forum.

That’s not the only way, but that’s probably the quickest.


Delete the Convert Back To Stereo step if you really wanted a mono show (most people don’t). You can make the one remaining track mono.


In Audacity 1.3.8 and later,
Record the stereo track, then press “Stop” to end the recording.
Click on the track name and a drop down menu will appear.
Click on “Split Stereo to Mon”
Delete the bad track to leave the good mono track.
Export the remaining track in whatever format you want.