stereo recordings fromm cassettes

When I attempt to record stereo from cassettes the stereo bars are replaced by a mono bar when I click record. How do I record in stereo?

The obvious answer is to set Audacity preferences to record in Stereo, but I bet the problem is more basic than that. What is the cassette player and how do you have it connected to your computer?


Hello, I have a sony tc-k615s and i am using the UFO202 interface. Stereo tracks appear on Audacity but when I click on record a mono track comes up and the transfer is through the mono.

Is this the problem, in the green panel: ?

If not, what version of Windows are you on? What content is in the channels of the Audacity track? Are both what should be left, or both what should be right, or both channels the same mix of left and right?