Stereo Recording / Stereo Playback

I am using a USB connected turntable. I followed the directions for setting my sound card and Audacity 2.0 in Windows 7 for stereo. Everything point to recording in stereo but. Recording is coming out as two tracks with exactly the same waveforms. Playback is the same. And yet, when I play a cd or an mp3 I can hear the difference in the stereo sound. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

Do the recordings also sound a little weird – like hollow and sometimes the lead singer is lower volume than you think is normal? I had a turntable where the cartridge was connected to the arm wrong and it did this. Which turntable?


The turntable is made by ION. Most of the music is level, but one song I recorded by Baker/Gurvitz Army - “4 Phil”, sounds like the guitar is in the next room. Other than that, all of the music sound like it was recorded in mono, even though it plays through both speakers. All my mp3’s sound like stereo with no drop-out.

I now have the system recording and playing back in stereo through Audacity, but now the music I have recorded and exported will not play in Windows Media Player. HELP!

That’s good progress :slight_smile:

Why not? What happens?

Apparently, I have to open the file in windows explorer to begin playing it before windows media player can recognize it. Once MP recognizes the file it loads it into my music files.

But now I have a new problem. I read the tutorial on spliting an album into songs and followed the directions to a T, but when I listen to them on my computer or mp3 player, the beginning of one song plays at the end of the previous song. Then when the track changes, it jumps into the middle of the song or into an entirely different song. The albums which I recorded without adding breaks at each track play perfectly, but do not have proper song labels. NOW WHAT?

What version of Audacity are you using?

There was a bug like this in one of the Betas (1.3.10 IIRC) but this should not happen in 2.0.0


Version 2.0

Import the files back into Audacity and check that they are split in the correct places.
It’s difficult to tell what’s going on from the behaviour of Windows Media Player because sometimes it just does weird things.

I place the splits at the beginning of each song and Audacity seems to be moving them around to positions where I did not place them.

Are you using splits or labels? Do you use Export Multiple or Export Selection?

Please import a few of the songs back into Audacity and compare them to your original Audacity project where you placed the labels or the split points.

– Bill