stereo recording [SOLVED]

Need help with digitizing vinyl records. I use phono connected to the PC via Behringer external sound card and the control sound is a beautiful stereo, but when it comes to recording, for which I use Audacity prog as recommended by the Behringer, the result is quite different. The recording double track says “stereo”, but both tracks are absolutely identical and the playback is just a good quality mono sound. Q: how can I get a digital stereo recording with the Audacity?

Check stereo recording has been selected in Audacity preferences : Devices …
stereo selected in Audacity preferences, (recording) devices.gif

Thanks for the acvice, but I, of course, check all the right squares, still the the result is: double track saying “stereo” with two absolutely identical phonograms. Moreover, during the recording both level controls (L @ R) pulsate in a similar way.

I moved this to the Windows board, assuming you have Windows. No one who reads the Russian board will be able to understand you.

Did you read the link Trebor gave you Audacity Manual? If you are on Windows Vista or later, you must follow the instructions in the green box on Audacity Manual to set Windows Default Format for Behringer to stereo.


aka cyan box :ugeek:

Does it show a strong blue hue on your machine, Trebor? It is supposed to be a light green #ddffee Color Hex and not cyan #00ffff Color Hex Aqua #0FF.


It looks more like cyan than green on my screen :
a less saturated version of the square with the dashed line perimeter …
Nearer Cyan than Green IMO.png
May just be my screen / eyes / brain / context …
context makes same colour appear different.png

The CSS style is:

none repeat scroll 0 0 #ddffee

where "#DDFFEE is the hexadecimal colour value, specified as RR GG BB (red green blue).
Each component takes a hex value between 0 (off) and FF (255 decimal, max intensity), so #DDFFEE is a pale turquoise / blueish green colour.
Flat screen monitors can vary a lot, and as Trebor’s lovely demo shows, context can make a big difference.

Thanks a mil to everyone, who contributed to helping me. Now everything works as it should. Thanks again.

I am not keen to say a box is “cyan”. When I have done that in the past I’ve been asked by users what I mean. The problem is there is often also a blue “Intro” box on Manual pages. That looks dark blue on some monitors and very light blue on other monitors (depending what angle you view at).