Stereo recording option not working

Hi all,
Even after picking Stereo as a recording option and re-scanning to be sure that Audacity is picking up my Scarlett 8i6, Audacity shows 2 channels as if it plans to record in stereo, but only records on one channel. I’ve tried closing Audacity and signing back in several times with my Scarlett interface on and ready to go, but Audacity simply will not record in stereo. Thanks in advance for any help. I have 2.4.2 for Windows 10.

Do you have something plugged into both inputs? Two microphones or a mic & guitar, etc?

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 plugged in via XLR cable. It records stereo in Adobe Audition just fine, but I prefer some editing in Audacity and re-recording, but get no stereo even when stereo is selected. The Scarlett is plugged in via a USB-C to my computer. Never had this problem when using a USB mic

Do you mean that you have TWO microphones plugged into the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 via XLR?

Stereo recording is two channels, left & right. You can make a stereo recording with two microphones, one pointed toward the left side of the stage and another pointed toward the right side.

A single voice or a single instrument is mono.

If you record in stereo with one mic you get one silent channel is silent. It’s OK to record that way but of course you probably don’t want to leave it that way.

It’s also possible to record vocals with a mic on one side and electric guitar on the other so you can adjust the levels of each separately after recording. But, you don’t normally leave it that way in the final production because it doesn’t sound “natural”.

Everything is mono-stereo compatible. If you have a mono recording it will play through both stereo speakers, and if you have a stereo recording and a mono playback system both channels will play-back through one speaker.

Most modern studio recordings are recorded “multi-track mono” with each voice and instrument on a separate mono track. Then during mixing a stereo production is created by panning (blending left & right) with the instruments positioned across the stage in a natural-sounding way, and with the main vocals in the “center” (equal in both channels).

It records stereo in Adobe Audition just fine

It probably allows you to pan before/during recording. Audacity doesn’t do any real-time effects/processing, but Windows allows you to choose mono or stereo before the signal goes into Audacity.

Thank you. Where does Windows allow that. I’ve looked for the setting and simply cannot find it.

I suspect DVDdoug may be referring to this selection within audacity: