Stereo Recording and Mic Volume

Using OS 10.15.4 Catalina with Audacity 2.3.3, Behringer umc22 Audio Interface, xynex502 mixer and ultra voice xm8500 dynamic microphone.

I have launched Audacity from Terminal using: open/Applications/

I have 3 issues when attempting music and voice recordings:

  1. Recording both voice and music generates very low waveforms. Music monitoring before and during recording is at acceptable level (~-6) and playback is at acceptable volume but recording track waveform display very low.
  2. Mic volume monitoring is very low within Audacity, even at high volume and gain levels on mixer. Mic recording is barely audible.
  3. Recordings are of playing back in left channel only.

I have confirmed:
–Correct devices (USB CODEC) selected on Audacity mic and speaker dropdowns
–Sound output and input settings on Mac (USB CODEC) Note: An input level registers when playing music but does NOT register when speaking into mic.
–Audio MIDI settings on Mac (USB CODEC) for both input and output
–Correct devices selected via Audacity Preferences (USB CODEC)
–Project rates match on MIDI settings and Audacity Quality Preference (44100 HZ)

At one time I was able to successfully record voice and music with expected waveform and volume levels but never in stereo - had to change to mono to get sound from both channels in playback. Now recording is producing all 3 problems noted above.

I’ve searched this forum and web for similar issues and solutions to no avail…