Stereo problems

Have a technical question. I do an interview podcast via Skype and recording in WAV format using Pamela in stereo to separate my voice from the guest’s voice. Post production is in Audacity. The recording is in Stereo track. I then split the stereo track during editing with my voice indicating left side and guests indicating right side. After editing, I export it to MP3 format in “Joint Stereo.” I then listen to it and can hear both of our voices on both sides of the stereo.

Yesterday I uploaded an episode. It sounds great to me streaming it from Libsyn. I have stereo headphones and can hear my voice on both sides. Yet I had a guest today who could not hear my voice. They could hear her voice however. We determined the problem was a stereo problem and when they switched computers, they could hear both of us.

If I could hear my voice from both sides, under what circumstances were they prevented from hearing my voice? I don’t want this to be a future issue. I have had 1800 downloads this month with no reported problems, but I’m concerned now that maybe the problems just aren’t being reported. How do I correct this?

Load your “client deliverable” show back into Audacity. Tracks > Stereo Track To mono > OK.

Does your voice vanish? Does the show sound normal now, except it’s in “flat,” one-track mono?

Let’s see what you think before I go off explaining how you can get that problem. Did more than one person complain about it?

What’s the address of your show so we can listen. The exact address of the “problem” show.