stereo - mono -stereo


i have a mp3 file in stereo which is a two people conversation recording but i hear one guy on the left speaker and the other on the right.
is there a simple way of getting it to play on both speakers without too much hustle (in the meantime i split it and copy it and etc.) and still keep it stereo?.


You can import the file to audacity and from the track drop down menu select split stereo track to mono. You can the play with the pan slider in each track to adjust left-right balance for each track. Then select both tracks (you can press Ctrl-A to select all tracks) and from the track menu choose mix and render. You should now have a stereo track again, which you can export.

Note: be aware that mp3 is a lossy format, each time you import an mp3 to audacity edit it and re-export again as mp3 you’re adding extra damage to the audio. It’s always preferrable to work with uncompressed audio formats such as WAV or FLAC during all editing steps. You should only export to mp3 as the final step and always keep an uncompressed copy of the audio.

thanks- very helpful info.

There is a “channel mixer” plug-in that is specifically designed for this type of job.