Stereo mixes


i create one tone then i create an other tone of an other frequency.

then i assign one as right and one as left.

then i make a stereo track from it.

then i get my headset and plug the right plug into my ear.

And i hear the two sounds mixed. How can i get them separated on left and right?

See here for how to split and join tracks:

Right but if i do this i get a track where the two mono sounds get mixed on every channel so i have on both channels the same sound.

If you select “Make Stereo Track” from the track drop down menu, it does not perform any mixing, it simply “sticks” the mono track to the mono track below it. The upper mono track becomes the left channel of the stereo pair and the lower track becomes the right channel of the stereo pair. Are you sure that your headphones are correctly working in stereo?