stereo mix

Well, I’m not exactly new to Audacity but am very far from being an expert. I have always been able to record by using stereo mix and only stereo mix but that option is no longer there. I had to restore Window XP home edition and reinstall Audacity. I have updated my audio driver and the new driver is HD. Would that make a difference? The stereo mix option used to be in the drop done selection box where you would select line in, microphone or cd audio. Thanks for any help.

It’s a driver issue, so you are only ever going to solve it by updating the sound drivers on the system. The list of inputs available from audacity is the list given to it by the system, so audacity can’t select something that isn’t there.

I have a similar problem. With me there is nothing in the drop box and it’s grayed out. My OS is vista on a Toshiba laptop. I have updated all drivers. I’ve also enabled audacity in the control panel under recording devices and in audacity under preferences.

If you’d gone to the relevant Windows forum at the top of the board, you would have found the sticky thread with the answer to the Vista problem: