Stereo Mix, Windows 8, Audacity 2.0.5 [SOLVED]

Hello, I have managed to enable Stereo Mix but it only shows in the list of devices when I select either MME or Windows Direct Sound as the Audio Host but doesn’t show if I select Windows WASAPI which apparently is the setting I need to record streaming audio. Even though I have Stereo Mix as the default input device, I cannot see any sound bars nor am I able to record anything under any combination of Audio Host, Output or Input. I have the latest Realtec drivers as well. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks

To record sounds that are playing on your computer you need to use “Stereo Mix” OR “WASAPI loopback”.
I’m not on Windows, but both methods are described in the manual here:

Thanks Steve - got it working now by ignoring the Stereo Mix altogether (after following instructions on how to get it to appear in the first place) and selecting my output device as my input which wasn’t so intuitive, similarly that adjusting the output volume determines the input volume but the word ‘loopback’ now seems to make some sense. Cheers.