stereo mix missing XP

I apologise if this subject has been dealt with many times. The answers Ive read either confuse me or just dont work. Perhaps with my ancient set up I cant get ‘stereo mix’. Im a retired person and no wizz kid on the PC so an idiots guide is fine by me.

Ive spent hours but No matter how I go about it and check I cant bring up ‘stereo mix’ on Audacity, Windows XP service pack 2. Nvidia Gforce 7300.

Ive clicked on properties, speaker Icons etc etc but unable to find anything remotely like 'stereo mix.

On my wifes laptop (windows 10) I was allowed (very briefly ) to try audacity and there I could bring up ‘stereo mix’. Before it’s suggested, get a new PC ,I have to stay with XP a little longer. Meanwhile is there light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks J.

Windows recording devices can be hidden, see … http://www.

An equivalent of Stereo-Mix is WASAPI.
WASAPI is available in Audacity on Windows 10, but not in XP, (it’s too old)

Thank for the reply but unable to bring a box with anything to do with disabled functions In fact its all very basic. Cant click on ‘advanced’

On XP, there may not be an option for “Stereo Mix”. It all depends on the sound card and the sound card drivers.
For SoundBlaster cards, “Stereo Mix” was called “What U Hear”.

Please note that we no longer officially support Windows XP. (Microsoft ended support for XP a long time ago).