stereo mix doesnt have sound/flat? please help

when i record my microphone sound is ok (loud and clear). but my computer/system audio is so low… 10% from the microphone sound.
then i saw from forum and youtube or google to use stereo mix. so i download realtek for my 570 steel legend. and there it is.
but when i use stereo mix i got no sound. silent. i already check and uncheck everything. (i didn use any enhanchment)
please help… its like the computer sound is going thru my headset (MH752) then go to audacity. so that why my computer sound so low.

I suspect that the problem is the USB headset.

I assume that your computer’s sound card is “Realtek”. Is that correct?
If so, then “Stereo Mix” for the Realtek device will record whatever is playing through the Realtek sound card. It won’t record sound playing through any other devices (such as your headset).

yes… i mean… i disconnected all headset… and record im playing games and youtube song.
the voice still small/flat… i think i miss some setting… but i dont know.
please help :frowning:

if i use my headset as input and mic. its work but the sound only 10% from original sound. (when playing a game or watching youtube song)
but my microphone from headset is loud and clear.(computer song 10% only)
i try do karaoke. the outcome is my voice 70% but the song only 10% volume. so its like i sing without a song.
if i use stereo mix. its flat. no sound recorded. even i do guide step from youtube.