stereo mic recording

Hi, I’m new to the forum but I’ve been using Audacity a little for some time. Trying to gear up to do some serious track layering etc.

My set up:

Win 10 on fairly fast computer
Audacity 2.3.0
Sound blaster ZxR with daughter card.

The inputs to the card include a supposed stereo mic input i.e. TRS for two channel, but when I try to record both mics go to both channels. The mics go into a “Y” adapter to the TRS plug. When I open a new file I get two channels to record but they are both the same. Etc on the input level meter. If i switch to a mono recording it’s all on the left side.

Using the AUX inputs does stereo just fine.

I imagine this has been seen before but didn’t see it on the forum.

Thanx for any help,

Wrong adapter…

A standard 3.5mm Y-splitter will have one stereo plug connected to two parallel-stereo jacks. So for example, you could connect your (stereo) computer speakers and (stereo) headphones at the same time.

You probably won’t find the “right adapter”, so assuming you don’t want to solder-up one yourself you’ll have to start with something like [u]this[/u] to split-out the left & right channels and then additional adapters back to 3.5mm mic jacks.



Trying to gear up to do some serious track layering etc.

If you want to do high-quality recording you may need to consider getting “real” [u]stage/studio microphones[/u] and an [u]audio interface[/u] with microphone inputs.

(“Large diaphragm cardioid condenser” type microphones are used for almost everything in pro studios.)

For a few-hundred dollars you can get a nearly-professional studio setup (minus the soundproof & sound-treated studio).

Stage & studio microphones have balanced (3-wire) low-impedance connections, and studio condenser mics require 48V phantom power (supplied by the interface). Regular computer microphones are unbalanced (2-wire) and most are electret condensers powered by 5V from the soundcard. …Stage/studio equipment is incompatible with consumer soundcards & regular computer microphones.

You can use Audacity for multitrack mixing, but there are [u]DAW[/u] (Digital Audio Workstation) applications specifically designed for multi-track recording & mixing. [u]Cakewalk[/u] (formerly SONAR by Cakewalk) is now FREE!

I’m using some older Telefunken Dynamic cardiod mics with 1/4" phone plugs. I’m using a “Y” specifically disigned to take two 1/4" mono inputs and output them to a single stereo 1/4 plug i.e. Tip,ring and shank.

I have the derigor Shure Sm58s for recording through my mixer but want to use the old ones for live Stereo recordings i.e. room acoustics. Don’t know why it wont come out in stereo.

I didn’t see “stereo” in the specs, but I see the soundcard came with a configuration utility so maybe there’s a setting for stereo. (I did see “beamforming” which I assume requires more than one mic.)

I’m not using the desk top gamming controller. i.e. with volume, mike, earphone etc. The input to the card mic input definitely shows a three section plug on the instructions.