Hi im using Audacity 1.3 (beta) and M-Audio Podcast Factory on Windows Vista SP2. I have had it for over a year with no problems, but suddleny when i click record now, theres only movement in the left stereo mixer.

I thought it might be my mic lead, ive replaced it and its still not right,its not the microphone either, so it must be something to do with audacity. Ive checked all the settings, its set to stereo and always has been. All the balances are right aswell.

ive updated my M-Audio box, the sound leves are also correct on there aswell.

Any suggestions would be great, im pulling my hair out. Ive re-downloaded it, that didnt work, ive downloaded the older version aswell and that has same problem.

I need to have them perfect as im trying to record an album.

Are you seeing a stereo pair track when you record with Audacity - with one of them flat-lining?

Or are you seeing a single mono track?


Stereo, with the Right side flat lining, and no right input levels are recorded on the input monitor

In which case it’s extremely unlikely to be Audacity.

Most likely is plugs/leads/sockets. Unplug and replug (or gently wiggle plugs in sockets) - or the M-Audio box may be faulty.


Ive tried all that, and replaced the leads, and looked at the wires in the M-Audio box, all are ok.

Ok - have you tried swapping over the left and right channel leads (if possible and where possible) as this amy help you isolate where the problem lies.

I assume that since you are trying to record an album that you are connecting a turntable (and a phono pre-amp - or does the M-Audio have a phono pre-amp - from a quick look I had at its specs it looks as thogh not, as it seems to have a line input and not a phono input?)
So can you swap the L&R leads over from the TT and if so does the channel that is recording in Audacity swap over too? You can’t swap over the outputs from the M-Audio as that is via USB, I assume from the specs.

Second question - is it only with your turntable that one channel is being dropped? I don’t know from the M-Audio specs if the mic you have is mono or stereo (I suspect mono) . If it’s the TT then makke sure that all four tags in the cartridge headshell are pushed home securely (do this gently) and make sure that the headshell is screwed home securely (if removable).


Im not recording from a turntable or anything, im a musician trying to record my music album from home.
I plug the mic into the xlr input ( the instrument input has never worked), and connect my speakers pre amps t othe headphone connection.

Simples, but now it wants to piss me about when im in the middle of something :imp:

I bet this is going to turn out to be something stupidly simple, like having the mono-stereo button on the M-Audio the wrong way or something like that. You would certainly not be the first person to overlook something that is blatantly obvious (done it myself more times than I’d like to admit).

Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that bit.
You have your microphone connected to the XLR input, and then what else do you have connected where?

What exactly are you recording from? Just the microphone, or something else as well? More than one thing at a time?