Stereo is mono

Hey all,

Just installed 2.06.

Mostly intuitive, but both my stereo tracks are playing in both ears.

Pretty sure it is stereo…If I swing the marker to L I hear one track (in both ears), to R I hear the other track (in both ears). But in the middle, I hear both tracks in both ears, not one track in each ear.

I am a newb…is this a Windows setting? My cheap earbuds? An Audacity setting?

Thanks for any help!

Two-track mono. Same thing on both sides. You can use the magnifier tools to blow up the blue waves so you can see the individual up and down motion. Stereo usually doesn’t match. Mono always does.

What are you recording? Which Windows?


Double check that at Help > About Audacity… (see the pink panel at the top of the page). If it says 2.06 we did not make it. It should be 2.0.6. Say the version of Windows too.

If you are using a USB cassette deck or USB turntable, this is probably the issue: Audacity Manual.