Stereo Image Expander [SOLVED]

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I wonder if Audacity has some Stereo Image Expander. Where? ???

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I’m generally not a fan of these things because they can have strange side effects, especially when played back in mono. There’s really no substitute for starting-out with a good stereo recording/mix… Once the sound is panned/blended toward the center you can’t undo it. But, that’s just my opinion and if you try the effect and you like it, go for it!

You can search the Internet for a “stereo widening” plug-in.

Or, you might try simply adding a short delay of 10 or 20 milliseconds* to one channel or the other. Zoom-in at the beginning so you can see a few milliseconds. Then, you can use the Time Shift tool to drag the waveform to the right.

Or, you can try inverting the polarity of one channel by using Effect → Invert.

In order to delay one channel or invert one channel, you’ll have to split the stereo in order to edit the channels separately. Click on the little drop-down arrow to the left of the waveform and you should see the option to Split Stereo Track.

If you delay one channel too much, the sound will mostly seem to come from the other (non-delayed) channel and if you delay more than about 50mS you’ll start to hear an echo. If you play a file with one channel delayed on a mono system you’ll get a comb filtering effect.

Inverting one channel will give you a wide “spacey” effect even with a mono file (first converted to two identical stereo channels). As a quick and easy experiment, if you can get to the speaker connections on your stereo system you can get the same “widening” effect by reversing the + and - connections to one of the speakers to make it out-of-phase with the other speaker.

But the out-of-phase bass be greatly diminished. When played back on a mono system, you’ll get center channel cancelation (AKA a “vocal removal” effect) and you’ll kill the bass.

You can preserve the bass if you go through a couple of extra steps to can create high passed files (no bass) and low pass files (nothing but bass). Then you can invert one of the channels with no bass, and re-combine the bass with the “widened” files. But, that’s a lot of stuff to do, especially if you are not experienced, and you’re probably better-off finding a widening plug-in.


  • One millisecond is 1/1000th of a second. So… 100mS is 1/10th of a second. If you combine a 100mS delayed signal with the original or if you delay one channel by 100mS you’ll hear an echo/doubling effect.

The “Channel Mixer” plug-in has a stereo image expander preset:
It is also relatively free of the “strange side effects” that DVDdoug warns against :wink:
Instructions to install:

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