Stereo Channel Unavailable

I recently upgraded to Mac OS Mojave 10.14.1 as part of upgrading to the MacBook Air 2018., and Audacity is acting differently than when I used it with my older MacBook Air 2014. It does not give me a Stereo Recording Channel as an option – only Mono. I try to usually record with headphones into the microphone jack, recording a FaceTime coversation happening in a different computer window, but it didn’t pick up the FaceTime audio the same as it had before nor did it allow me to record in Stereo. I’ve tried recording several different ways now and am never able to have Stereo as an option. Help?

:confused: Headphones should normally be plugged into a “headphone” socket. The “microphone” socket (if your computer has one) is for a microphone.

Are you using a “headset” that has both headphones and microphone combined AND is compatible with your Macbook?

Sorry, I think I was just careless with the description there. The headphones are plugged into the headphone jack/socket of the laptop. And they’re apple headphones, so not only do they have earbuds (to, for example, listen to music) but also the tiny microphone function too (to, for example, take a phone call).

I’m not Mac user…

A regular single microphone is mono and if you have a combination headphone/microphone jack the microphone connection is mono. The analog TRRS connector has 4 connections - Mono-microphone, headphone-left, headphone-right, and ground.

Everything is mono/stereo compatible… If you make a true mono recording/file it will play out of both speakers.