Stereo Boost Filter

Didn’t somebody do a stereo boost filter? It should be grade school level programming. Convert the stereo show to L+R and L-R, change the ratio between them, effectively increasing or decreasing the separation and then put it back to L and R.

This is different from making stereo where none had existed before. I know we did that, but I can’t find it.


You can employ the channel-mixer plug-in to widen the stereo image or the seperate stereo widenener.
To create stereo from nada, you can use the pseudo-stereo plug-in.
We could of course also write a plug-in, that converts L/R explicitly to M/S and vice-versa (or include the presets in the channel-mixer plug).
Convert to M/S:
(New Left Channel --< Mid) 50% left and 50% right.
(New Right Channel --< Side) 50% left and -50% right.

Convert back to L/R:
(New Left Channel) 100% left and 100% right.
(New Right Channel) 100% left and -100% right.
[Edit: values corrected]

channel-mixer plug-in

Is it possible to get to this plug-in from the forum homepage without using forum search, Google or recursive logic?


Fortunately, the plug-in is located on the Nyquist download page: … nnel_Mixer
If you’d ask me, it should be included in the Audacity release, but that’s subjective.

That link gives me a damaged, partially blank page.

Correct me, but there’s no information of the existence of that page anywhere in the regular documentation. How did you know it was there?

Does this contain the long sought-after listing of all Steve’s Plugins?

Maybe this one works:

The previous link was copied from a post by Steve, but obviously, some characters got lost. Sorry.

The manual mostly covers features that are shipped (as standard) with /in Audacity.

The main Audacity website has a page for “plug-ins and libraries”
On this page there is:

Nyquist Plug-Ins

Audacity has built-in support for Nyquist effects on all operating systems. You can download additional > Nyquist plug-ins> , or create …

which links to this page:
on which you finally get the link to: Complete list of optional Nyquist plug-ins on the Audacity Wiki.

The trail is a bit more direct on the wiki.
The wiki home page has a link in the “Resources” section: Effects Plug-ins
which takes you to this page:
where you will find a direct link to Nyquist Plug-ins, which then tells you how to install Nyquist plug-ins and where to get them from.

This is the page to bookmark - the full list of Nyquist plug-ins on the wiki: