Steps 4, 7 and 14 of the Audacity Guide.

There is no provision for my input or output device. I tried all that are provided (Scarlett 2i2 is not provided). Nothing results in a recording being made.

Re. steps 4,7, and 14, my preamp device (Presonus) later showed up as a choice; therefore, disregard the previous inquiry. Thanks.

I would not have posted my email address. We get a great many bulk mail harvesters and you may find your address unusable.

Is your I/O device listed in Windows Control Panels? If Windows can’t find it, Audacity can’t, either. Also, Audacity has two places to select devices, the Device Toolbar on the front and Audacity > Preferences > Devices inside. Do either work?

Do the software packages included with the device work?


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Thanks. See my second message.