Steinberg UR-22 with audacity

Have been using Steinberg UR-22 MK2 with Audacity latest version. I do listen to the audio while recording through the headphones but isnt it more confortable or better if i purchase a set of Mackie C3 or C4 instead of listening through the USB powered PC speakers when recording and playback? The reproduction is really crappy and sounds a bit overdriven through the USB plugged PC Speakers.

I’ve read you post three times, and I still don’t get what you are asking.

What, if anything, does your question have to do with “Steinberg UR-22 with audacity” (the title of this forum topic)?

You start that sentence by saying that you listen on headphones. then you ask if it’s better to buy new USB speakers rather than listen on USB speakers. That makes no sense to me.

but you said that you listen through headphones.
What is your question?

Why do we need a link to Amazon? How does that help us to help you? If you want to clarify a make / model of a particular piece of hardware, it is more helpful if you link to the manufacturer’s website. In this case, that would be: but I’m still not understanding what your question is. Are you asking if anyone recommends the Mackie CR series speakers, or is your question something else?

I have been using Steinberg UR-22 MK2 with Audacity latest version. I do listen to the audio while recording through the headphones but isnt it more confortable or better if i purchase a set of Mackie C3 or C4 and instead of listening through the headphones, i can listen through these powered monitors??

I have also noticed that after recording during playback the reproduction though the USB plugged PC Speakers is really crappy and sounds a bit overdriven. Is this normal?? Should i only use those cheap usb PC speakers for listening to YOUTUBE or any song found while surfing on the internet?

Sorry for not clarifying my query correctly.

If you are recording with a microphone, it is essential that you use headphones and not speakers while you record.
If you are recording sounds that are playing on your computer (such as media playing in a web browser), then it’s OK to listen on headphones or speakers.
Crappy PC speakers are crappy.
I’ve not tried the Mackie CR speakers. Reviews seem to indicate that they are reasonable for the price, but there’s a lot of competition for speakers in the $100 range. I’d not recommend them over any other $100 speakers.

Does that answer your question?

Okay and once having record a track using this module, do you recommend playback through the mackie powered monitors or through the pc usb cheap speakers? I have done it through the pc speakers and cant get a good production reference as it sounds distorted or overdriven.

Any other better alternative for small power monitors other than mackie c3? Yamaha hs5 seem too big for my computer desk.

I only use computer speakers when all I need is to hear the various beeps that the computer makes, or sometimes when watching YouTube videos. I never use computer speakers for listening to music because, like most computer speakers, my computer speakers have bad sound quality.

I can’t really recommend a specific brand of speaker because there are hundreds of make/model speakers currently available. Obviously I don’t have personal experience of all of them. All I can suggest is that you read the reviews, and search on-line for questions and complaints about the ones that you are interested in. Note that most internet reviews simply recycle the manufacturer’s description and so are a poor guide. Look to reputable sites for (hopefully unbiased) information and comparisons. ( has a lot of good reviews for audio equipment).

If your headphones are not comfortable, try some different ones or try to limit the amount of time you wear them.

Again, if you’re recording with a microphone you can’t monitor with speakers (because the mic picks-up the sound from the speakers).

If you are recording a guitar or keyboard “direct” (so you’re not picking-up sounds from the room), then you can use speakers/monitors.

For monitoring while recording, sound quality isn’t important unless it makes it difficult to perform. The quality of your monitors does not affect the quality of the recording.

For mixing/mastering it’s important to have good/accurate monitors so you know if you have a good recording/mix or not. So, indirectly the quality of your monitors can affect the quality of your “product”.

There are good and bad computer speakers and good and bad monitors. I don’t know anything about those Mackies… Mackie does have a good reputation… IMO, a good monitor should have at least an 8-inch woofer (or you need a good subwoofer). Monitors with 8-inch woofers start at around $200 USB each ($400 a pair) and go up from there.

There’s four obvious decisions for headphones.

– Are they physically comfortable? Koss Pro4AA are wonderful headphones, but they’re hot and they weigh as much as a Land Rover. They’re recognized as a personal defense weapon by the State of California.

– Are they isolated? You should have a firm foam seal against your head so the music doesn’t leak past the seal to your microphone.

– Are they accurate? This one’s harder, but I use headphones that are perfectly comfortable to me even though I know they have a bass boost.

– Can you stand to listen to them for long periods? The Hollywood Standard Headphone is the Sony MDR 7506. They perform very well and they physically lend themselves to movie production. “Can I borrow your headphones,” will almost always produce a pair of 7506s. I can’t stand to listen to them much over about fifteen minutes.

Good luck.