Steganography with Audio

Hi guys, I’m getting into audio processing. I’ve been given a challenge, in which I’m currently blocked. I need to discover a hidden message within the song Her Majesty by the Beatles. The message was introduced by a third person. Currently I tried to filter it, analyze the FFT, look on the original song to check any difference, but I’m not getting anything close to it. Can you guys try to give me a hint, or tell me where to look? Here is the “coded” audio:

I’m going with no. This and the sleep-learning and subliminal systems are in the same boat. Trick you into hearing something that’s not there.


Do you know this third person?

There are no obvious signs of hidden messages in that track (other than “Her Majesty” often being cited as the first “hidden recording” on an album).
Digital data of any sort provides opportunities for hiding other data in ways that are completely undetectable unless you know what you are looking for. It’s like saying “there is something hidden in this room”, but not giving any clue as to “what” we are looking for.

My best guess, without further information, is that there is no “hidden message”.

Are you saying that the original Beatles recording contained a message (which is very unlikely), or someone in recent times has taken a digital copy of this recording an added a hidden message using digital methods? (quite possible).

If the latter it will likely to be difficult to recover without knowing the key – the data will be indistinguishable from noise. If you access to the recording from before the message was added then you might be able to learn something by differencing it. But it would have to be the same exact file. There are doubtless millions of different .mp3s of this song floating around out there (and the creator could have done his own digitization of the album).

Things like “mp3stego” can add hidden data , but the added data would not produce audible changes or show up on a spectrogram.