Steepletone Model ST918 3speed turntable useable?

I have rediscovered a Steepletone Model ST918 3-speed turntable recordplayer in hope of
digitising my vinyl record collection… It is in very good condition, hardly used and safely stored
for several years. Is it useable with Audacity? I bought a 2 line adapter which I plugged into the
back and conected to a spare laptop preloaded with Audacity - no sign its presence was even registered…
Too old?

Does ST 918 have a Manual to say what the cable lead should be connected to? Since the unit has built-in speakers I assume the output is line-out (that is, already pre-amplified and RIAA Equalized), but if not you should really be buying a USB phono interface and connecting the interface between the turntable and computer.

If the cable is line out then you should be connecting the cable and the adaptor to line-in (blue) of the computer and setting Audacity to record from line-in. Please see these links: .