Staticy Podcast

I have created a podcast except after filming it it was completely full of static. It is 45 minutes. How can I get rid of the static quickly?

How high is the recording level? If the blue waveform on the track is hitting the top/bottom of the track then you have recorded too loud and caused “clipping distortion”. This is usually very difficult to repair satisfactorily and it is better to re-record it. A good recording level will produce a waveform that is about half the track height (a peak level of about -6 dB).

It’s about -6 and when I listen to part of it it’s like a wisper over static. The wave length is like just above and below the middle line

Your recording level is set right, but it sounds like the noise problem may be too severe to fix.

How did you record it? (full details with make and model numbers)

I am using a Logitech headset. The headphones are broken but the Microphone is is good condition (still looking for old mic that isn’t headset (lost few months ago))


It is a USB Microphone.

You can tell by the stunned looks that you presented a competing list of symptoms.

Do you have a good bouncing green sound meter and large blue waves when you play the track?

Did you have a large red recording meter and blue waves when you were making the show?

What happens if you play the track and take the left-right control to the left of the blue waves and crank it all the way to the left? Does the performance come back?


A short audio sample to demonstrate the issue would be helpful. Just a couple of seconds in WAV format.