static while recording

I’m new to this technology so forgive me in advance. I search recording problems posts but nothing on static.
Until today I had no problem recording or playing back. I am voiceover artist.
Today for whatever reason, while recording, much background noise is getting on the track. Same mic, same studio (my closet).
Only thing that happening while recording Itunes update came through that I stopped. After that not able to record clean audio. Uninstalled and reinstalled Audacity. Still problem
Help. Audition deadline is midnight today. Thx.

Please withdraw my recent request for help. I have resolved.

My question had to do with static recording into audio suddently. I realized my problem, was set to wrong mic. sorry for inconvenience, duh?


sorry for inconvenience, duh?

Thanks for posting back with the solution. Many people just leave us hanging out there wondering what happened.

was set to wrong mic

That’s never happened to me…