Static type noise when I hit record on both 2.0.6 and new

I got a new computer (Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2 in 1 laptop) and I’m connecting my Scarlett 2i2 pre-amp to the computer to record (I do VO). I have a Blue Bluebell mic connected to the pre-amp. When I hit “R” as I always have to start recording, I’m getting a couple static type sounding clicks. I record audiobooks with many, many tracks so I can’t have sounds like that in my recording as it will take way too much time to edit later. Any ideas how to fix this? I don’t have this problem when using the same method on my old laptop (Toshiba). I’ve tried both 2.0.6 and the latest versions of Audacity and get the same issue. Thanks!

You might have a [u]DC offset[/u] (which is a hardware problem). You can’t hear DC, but you can hear a click when it kicks-in and when it suddenly ends.

Zoom-in on the click and take a look at it. If you’re not sure (temporarily) amplify that part by 20dB or so, which will “zoom” in the vertical direction, making any offset worse and easier to see.

Scarlett 2i2 pre-amp

It’s not just a preamp… It’s a USB audio interface with mic preamps built-in. :wink:

thanks for your reply! so i don’t think that’s what it is. i’m realizing the sound happens (and it’s not really a click exactly, really sounds more like something to do with the connection) not only when i start recording but if i click in the middle of a track and hit play as well. also, i can only hear this sound through my headphones. if i unplug the scarlett 2i2 and just listen through the computer itself, no sound. there is a slight pause between when i click record and when it actually starts recording as well. i’m wondering if it could be that i’m using a regular USB cord but this laptop is new and maybe i should try a newer one?