Static/sputtering sound in audio track - can this be removed/fixed?

I have a video file ripped from a DVD - this is a concert from many years ago that was recorded on video - not necessarily VHS, it might have been 8MM or MiniDV - and then transferred to DVD. I was not involved in the original recording of the concert and do not know the details of how it was recorded or what equipment was used. I was given the DVD and asked to rip it to mp4(simple enough). But I was also asked if it would be possible to fix the problem with the audio.

The problem is a sort of static/buzzing/sputtering sound that is constant in the video from beginning to end. You can hear everything perfectly, it’s just there’s this sound on top of it. I’m sure there’s a name for this particular kind of audio glitch because I’ve seen/heard it many times before, but I can’t think of it. In my past experience, I’ve encountered this kind of thing when something wasn’t plugged all the way in or if there was some kind of mechanical error with the recording device/camera. Anyway, I could try to describe it all day, but it wouldn’t do as much good as simply giving you a five-second clip from the audio track, which I’ve done below. You can hear the problem. It’s like that all the way through.

So I’m just wondering if this is something that can be remedied, or if this is one of those things that’s just an inherent part of the recording that I’m stuck with. I’ve tried a few things in Audacity to no avail, but I don’t really know what I’m doing with respect to this issue. Any help is appreciated.

So you can remove a lot of this sputtering with Noise Reduction

I hope this helps.

Since the fluttering sound is louder than the music I doubt that Noise Reduction will do any good.
Sorry, but I can’t think of any way to rescue this recording.
– Bill

Hello, I have a similar problem. Also whenever I try to make a recording, a buzzing sound is constantly heard.
Noise reduction is not a solution.
I do not know what to do …
I use it to directly record a DJ SET, the computer (MACOS BIG SUR) to a mixer and the buzz is constant …
As soon as I press the REC button, the buzz is immediate. even if there is no input sound.
I’ve tried everything and I can’t find a solution.

If you plug headphones into the mixer do you hear the buzz?
– Bill

Be sure that the problem is in your recording, not in your playback.

See: How can I prevent clicky recordings on Mac?