Static or crackling noise while speaking

So I was doing some video editting of a little gameplay that I do, and this is my first time actually doing all this, and I have this bugging nagging problem about the audio. Each time I speak, theres like a crackling or breaking up, or a static noise. The background stuff, i think I can do, but this static noise occurs when I’m speaking. Is there any way to fix that or at least make it sound better? Because the audio is really poor quality.

My guess is that you have recorded too loud and that is causing the audio to “clip” (distort). If that is the case, there is no effective “fix” for it - you have to record (again) at a lower level. When setting your recording levels, aim for a maximum peak level of about -6 dB on the recording meter. That will produce a waveform that is about half the track height.