Static on Whole But Fine Individually

I’ve got a podcast going. The whole thing sounds fine until I add my music. Then there’s a slight static but only for as long as the music track is. The music on its own has no static. It’s only when I listen to the whole thing. I’ve tried noise removal on the music but it doesn’t work. If there’s a way to do noise removal on the whole project for 1 minute, that might work, right? But as of right now, I’m at my wits end trying to fix this.

Almost without question you are overloading the show sound. Each time you add another voice or music, the overall volume goes up. Add enough of them and the digital channel runs out. Overload and Clipping is pretty obvious just by listening. Crackly, crunchy and popping during voice or music.

Without getting into the technical weeds, reduce the volume of everything a little so when you add the music the total doesn’t overload. You’ll have to turn up your speakers or headphones. Then, when you have a final mix with the right balance, tell Audacity to increase the volume as much as it can without damage, or slightly less.

If you’re intending to export to MP3 or other compressed format, you should mix slightly low because the conversion to MP3 can affect the volume. If it goes up by accident, you could have a show that only crackles in MP3.


Here it is. Edit > Select > All.
Effect > Amplify: Amplification -6dB > OK.


Fantastic. Thank you. Giving it a shot now.

You can make a composite/mixed track yourself without exporting it and test it for overload.

Tracks > Mix and Render to a New Track.

A brand-new track will appear at the bottom of your edit window. Now turn on View > Show Clipping. The blue waves will have bright red bands all the places the sound is too loud.